Saturday :: Feb 12, 2011

So Much Going on in the Middle East

by Oly Mike

Hosni has apparently gone on vacation to the famous Egyptian seaside resort Sharm el-Sheikh. That's still Egypt. I am waiting to see if the protests follow him to Sharm el-Sheikh. If he stays there, it suggests to me that we will be seeing an attempt at a modified, slow, loosening of oppression, torture in Egypt. That is probably what the Egyptian military and CIA frontmen like Suleiman have in mind. Lipstick on the pig. The immediate power is in the hands of the people who have been in the streets to force Mubarak out, and the Egyptian military has seemed supportive of reform so far. I think it is safe to assume there are entrenched interests in Egypt who are determined that reform go only so far. Very interesting time. Dangerous? Yes, I suppose so, but all times are dangerous really.

Obama quoted MLK this week with the line: "There is something in the soul that cries out for freedom."

That's it. People want to be free.

The turmoil, the uprisings continue across the mideast today. There are people in the streets of Algeria and Yemen who are crying out for freedom. I am really wondering how all of this plays out with Saudi Arabia. US foreign policy folks are taking the short-sighted and self-defeating analysis of all of this through the lens of what it means for our oil supply. There's the problem. It's not "our" oil supply. It's the fuel of the last century. It's not the future. Let's move on and let the people of the middle east seek freedom. Let's look for other energy sources that do not require that we partner with dictators to oppress large populations to secure "our" oil supply.

Here is an interesting piece of feminist thought from Saudi Arabia. Check it out.

Saudiwoman's Blog

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