Thursday :: Feb 17, 2011

Let's Talk About How to Talk About the Weather

by Oly Mike

Here you go. How often are you going to get Noam Chomsky and Bible Thumping You Tube videos posted together?

Global warming is real. It's a scientific fact and it's deadly. We are leaving a legacy of a planet buffeted by unstable and catastrophic weather to our children and grandchildren. I know that lots of spend a lot of time and effort attempting to educate and recruit more members of our somnambulatory species to step up and address the problem. Every change we make now saves lives and dollars in the future. You pick the value you want: lives, dollars, whatever. This is the issue we should be working on today. It's more important than the economic downturn, though coincidentally, it is the solution to the dearth of jobs that is driving the economic downturn into the future.

The climate is the jobs program. That might work. Don't even bother with the science, the deadly outcomes, just start pushing the jobs program. Not just jobs, the right jobs.

Big thinker, guru, big soul - Noam Chomsky - has a piece in The Nation - How Global Warming Became a Liberal Hoax. He's thinking about peak oil as well. Thanks, Noam. For everything.

I think we have to figure out how to reach Christians in this country who have become trapped in Revelations' story of Armageddon. Revelations is a single book in the Bible, a wild hallucinatory book in my experience, but this is not the end all - be all of being impressed by the words of Jesus. The seven seals, the trials and tribulations, the end times, wars and rumors of war, paranoia and divine retribution are in full force in Revelations. I can barely stand to scan Revelations while I can read the sermon on the mount, the parables and other stuff in the NT over and over and keep coming back with anticipation of experiencing something amazing and uplifting. Wheat and chaff. Revelations does not make the cut for me.

But Revelations is powerful stuff for televangelists and preachers who want to jump on the fire and brimstone stuff.

And as this country leads the world into an era of unstable weather created primarily by our activities, misguided folks who choose may evoke the end times and entice the population to see this man made disaster as a revelation, a sign of the end times. How do we reach these folks? I think we remind them not to get lost in Revelations, to read the sermon on the mount, the parables and more. Wouldn't hurt to read a little science and recognize that the world is not 6,000 years old, that there were no brontosaurs on the Ark for a reason. Wouldn't hurt to understand that spirit is a poetic realm, not a scientific realm. And I mean no disrespect, it's simply that faith and science are not required to align. They are not mutually exclusive or inhibitory.

Say Amen, somebody.

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