Thursday :: Feb 17, 2011

Let's Talk About Jobs

by Oly Mike

and the class struggle.

Reading through comments, I see folks are watching the story in Wisconsin with fear and loathing (RIP, Hunter).

It's an amazing story. Mark Guarino at the Christian Science Monitor has an article that includes the following:

Chicago – A standoff at the Wisconsin state Capitol between the governor and public employee unions is becoming a test case for state executives across the nation who are burdened with having to cut deep into budgets to shore up their state’s finances.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is advancing a bill that will force most state, local, and school employees to pay half their pension costs and pay 12.6 percent of their health-care costs, which is double their current contribution.Courtesy

I guess there is also some wingnut legislation out there suggesting we improve our competitiveness by repealing child labor prohibitions. What do you think, are Missouri State Senator Jane Cunningham's kids headed to the fields to pick strawberries? I am guessing not, but maybe I am wrong.

And, not our problem, I guess... in Bahrain the authorities have cracked down on protests. Bahrain is next door to Saudi Arabia if my geography is correct. I think we can assume the revolution in the Middle East is going to be rough sledding as it heads toward the House of Saud.

Class struggle? I don't know. The House of Saud has certainly been a good friend to the US by keeping the oil flowing and the price down, haven't they? What's the problem with that?

Maybe look hard as wealth and income distribution for a clue.

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