Thursday :: Feb 17, 2011

Public Opposes GOP Effort To De-Fund Health Care Reform

by Deacon Blues

Some afternoon quick hits:

Yes, as I said earlier in the week, while the GOP talks tough and whines that they’ll have to actually propose draconian cuts and take the heat for it, Obama wanted all along to end up with what the Simpson-Bowles Commission advocated. That’s exactly what the Senate will end up doing. And Obama will gladly let John Boehner drive congressional Republicans off the cliff with a government shutdown to please their Tea Party base.

Newly-elected GOP governors, who were elected by fragments of an electorate in 2010, are doing the expectedly stupid and heartless things you would expect from extremists who in other times would be marginalized as kooks, racists, thugs, and felons. We have the cretins Scott Walker and John Kasich in Wisconsin and Ohio respectively, and the felon Rick Scott in Florida. So far, Scott may have already seen his “15 minutes” pass him by. He’s already lost his own state Senate less than 90 days into his term. I predict that eventually Walker and Kasich will lose support as well.

If we had a real Justice Department and Commodity Futures Trading Commission, they’d be putting the fear of God into Big Oil about rising oil prices which will sink the economy this year.

I hate to spoil the GOP’s alternate universe they live in, but the public doesn’t want the health care reform de-funded. Sure, they still don’t understand it thanks to the media, and yes, they may not fully support it either. But they are hoping it works, and don’t want it undone and replaced with, well, … nothing.

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