Friday :: Feb 18, 2011

Whose Morals?

by Steve

So GOP Ayatollah Mike Pence today got what he's wanted ever since he decided that he's our only salvation: a platform on the backs of women:

"It is morally wrong to take the taxpayer dollars of millions of pro-life Americans and use them to fund organizations that provide and promote abortion, like Planned Parenthood of America," Pence said.

In getting the House to defund Planned Parenthood today on allegedly moral objections from red-state voters, Pence managed to open a whole new policy theory that has consequences far beyond what he intended.

As a blue-state voter, I will gladly agree that blue states should fund women's reproductive rights, environmental protection, organized and child labor law protections and enforcement, auto safety, food safety, green energy, and other enlightened policy priorities.

In exchange, from now on, red-state voters must fund:
*the public health costs from unregulated pollution;
*the bailouts of our financial system from unregulated capitalism;
*the cost of all wars of choice;
*the deficits from all non-job producing tax cuts for the wealthy;
*the deficits from all corporate tax shelters and giveaways;
*the social costs of a destroyed middle class from class warfare.

Thanks Mr. Pence for making this a moral choice. I'll pay for my morals, and you and your ilk can pay for yours.

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