Thursday :: Mar 10, 2011

Open Thread

by Mary

Republicans and their corporate masters have declared a war on democracy. They've been plotting on taking over the government for good for decades, and they found that the only way they can do that is to defund and disenfranchise anyone that stands in their way. The Galtians think this country belongs to them, not us and their agenda is clear now. Hendrik Hertzberg wrote about what this battle is all about:

What’s getting awfully difficult to deny is that what the Wisconsin Republicans are doing—and they have plenty of imitators and admirers—is solely for a partisan purpose, and a potentially lethal one. Of the five biggest non-party organizational contributors to political campaigns in 2008, the top two were unions, both of them pro-Democratic and both composed partly or wholly of public-sector workers. The other three were pro-Republican business groups or PACs. In 2010, after the Supreme Court threw open the cash sluices in the Citizens United case, only one union made it into the top five, and it came in fifth. And from now on, thanks to five Justices, corporate campaign spending will be literally limitless.

The radical Republicans believe that once they have destroyed the unions, strip-mined the schools and sold the public assets to the highest bidder, there is nothing that will stand in their way. Their billionaire backers have the money, but they certainly don't have the numbers and as long as we stand against them together, they will lose. Help send the Wisconsin Republicans home.

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