Saturday :: Mar 12, 2011

Remember These Faces

by Steve
Reuters image

This picture, and others like it that show Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and his fellow GOP corporate toadies should be reproduced and taped on the refrigerators of thousands of working class families throughout the country. Walker and other copycat GOP corporate whores around the country are engaging in class warfare against those who have jobs and those who want jobs, and are doing so on behalf of the corporate elite in this country. They aren't hiding it, and they have nakedly told us what this is about: making each state safe for Corporate America at the expense of the people of the United States of America.

It wasn't the unions, public or private, that destroyed millions of American jobs and dreams with the current recession, nor created any resulting budget deficits for the states. No, the real culprits were Wall Street, the GOP, and some of the same people now successfully redirecting public attention away from themselves towards the innocent victims of their misdeeds. Corporate America is flush with cash and totally unaccountable for the devastation they rained upon Main Street, and now they are shooting the wounded by declaring open warfare on the American middle class. It's another Rovian manuever that the Democrats and this White House should have seen coming: offense is the best defense, and your weakness must aggressively be turned into your line of attack. That's why we now hear this incredible argument that public employees are the reason that states can't create jobs.

The Obama White House bears part of the blame. By letting Wall Street get away with it their crimes, while handing out taxpayer cash to the same perps who committed the crimes, Barack Obama and Eric Holder have shown Wall Street and the GOP's top financiers that they have nothing to fear. The White House was virtually silent during the developments in Madison, more fearful of how any involvement would damage Obama's reelection chances than they were about using their unique bully pulpit to set the correct narrative and backdrop. Cravenly, now this White House hopes to benefit from an angered base to ride that to reelection, without making any investment or taking any chances to warrant such assumed support.

Walker and other Republicans like him know it's better to run as far and fast as you can until you face opposition. I don't blame him or his fellow GOP corporate toadies for doing what they did; after all, they are nothing more than lying GOP whores, and there's plenty of them to go around and always have been. But the voters of Wisconsin elected this scum and now have to decide what to do about it. The Democratic base, especially the unions, now need to dig in and play the long game and work not only towards recalls where possible, but to also keep the spotlight shined upon Walker and the supposed 250,000 jobs that will now magically appear in Wisconsin as a result of this travesty. Voters should be continually reminded of the damage that is about to be done to Wisconsin public schools and services, all for a deficit caused largely by the GOP itself. And voters should be continually reminded that what is about to happen to their state results from Corporate America buying their GOP representatives to do their bidding at the expense of Main Street Wisconsin.

As for the Obama White House, just as you are pathetic when it comes to Libya, you are pathetic here at home as well.

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