Sunday :: Mar 13, 2011

Japan's Worsening Nuclear Situation

by Mary

Things continue to get worse in Japan with failure of the nuclear power plants due to the massive earthquake. Two days after the horrific earthquake and tsunami, the government of Japan is desperately trying to avert a nuclear crisis.

The attempts to avert a possible nuclear crisis, centered on the Fukushima Daiichi facility in northeast Japan, came as rescuers frantically scrambled to find survivors following the country's strongest-ever earthquake and a devastating tsunami that, minutes later, brought crushing walls of water that wiped out nearly everything in their paths.

Edano told reporters there is a "possibility" of a meltdown at the plant's No. 1 reactor, adding, "It is inside the reactor. We can't see." He then said authorities are also "assuming the possibility of a meltdown" at the facility's No. 3 reactor.

A meltdown is a catastrophic failure of the reactor core, with a potential for widespread radiation release.

Note that although the terminology in this article is "meltdown", other reports are calling this a partial meltdown which means that some of the fuel rods have melted, but the situation is not yet at the scale of what happened at Three Mile Island.

Scientific American has a discussion about the Worst-Case scenario would be here.

These are truly terrible times for Japan. You can make a donation to help to the Red Cross thru your iTunes account or Mercy Corps thru this page.

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