Tuesday :: Mar 15, 2011

Open Thread

by Mary

Japan's Nuclear situation has turned dire.

Japan’s nuclear crisis verged toward catastrophe on Tuesday after an explosion damaged the vessel containing the nuclear core at one reactor and a fire at another spewed large amounts of radioactive material into the air, according to the statements of Japanese government and industry officials. In a brief address to the nation at 11 a.m. Tokyo time, Prime Minister Naoto Kan pleaded for calm, but warned that radiation had already spread from the crippled reactors and there was “a very high risk” of further leakage.

The good news? Winds are carrying the escaped radiation east toward the Pacific, not toward very populous mid-center of Japan (which as Digby reports should not be a problem for the American West Coast).

Our thoughts are with the extremely brave utility workers attempting to bring these reactors down after the horrific earthquake and tsunami.

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