Sunday :: Mar 27, 2011

Open Thread

by Mary

Earlier this week, the Competitive Enterprise Institute published this video: CEI Warns Against Hysterical Response to Japanese Crisis

However, the very frightening situation in Japan is not over and so lobbying to invest in more nuclear energy is premature. The super-contaminated water that the workmen encountered yesterday while working to bring in power for managing the plant indicates a very worrisome situation. More worryingly, the problem occurred in an area that is near/in Site 3, the reactor that had recently been modified to use a plutonium mix. And recognizing that a bad situation can always get worse, scientists are now discovering that even the ocean is measuring greater radiation. Clearly, we don't know how this situation will end and berating people asking for caution isn't going to cut it until the reactors are cold and the radiation leaks are finished.

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