Monday :: Apr 18, 2011

Open Thread

by Mary

Wild weather plays havoc in the southeast. Some 200 tornadoes have hit the southeastern US over the weekend. As Jeff Masters writes:

NOAA's Storm Prediction Center logged 105 tornado reports on Saturday, 113 on Friday, and 23 on Thursday, bringing the 3-day total to 241 twisters. These preliminary tornado reports are typically an over-count of about 15%, so the 3-day April 14 - 16 2011 tornado outbreak likely will end up with 200 - 210 confirmed tornadoes. This is a huge number of tornadoes; an average April typically has just 150 tornadoes across the entire U.S.

Note we are just short one year when the horrific floods that swept through Nashville, TN last year.

This year's tornadoes are yet one more example of how the steadily warming world invokes another 500 year or 1000 year event year after year. Who says global warming isn't really happening?

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