Thursday :: May 12, 2011

Mississippi Flood

by Mary

This year's flooding along the Mississippi will be noted as one of Mississippi's great floods. The flood waters this year will be compared to the flood of 1973 and before that, 1937. The flood of 1937 was the impetuous impetus of the grand "Old River Control System", and engineering structure (along with the extensive levees) will directly affect the people and communities along the great river.

He also wanted residents to know that the potential opening of the Morganza Spillway should not affect St. Tammany Parish or the lake, as the water would divert to the Atchafalaya Basin to the southwest and then into the Gulf of Mexico. The corps has opened the Morganza Spillway just once, in 1973.

The Morganza Spillway denotes the point in the Mississippi River where water will be diverted out of the Mississippi channel so it can be harnessed to travel to the Gulf of Mexico without overwhelming New Orleans.

One thing to note about this event is how inevitable this flood seems as we see over the next days, even weeks, in how this slow but relentless tragedy unfolds.

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