Monday :: Jun 13, 2011

Obama's Environmental Record

by Mary

The LA Times has an editorial today about Obama's environmental record saying that he is not doing what he should.

After former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, a hero to many conservationists because of his strong tenure during the Clinton administration, criticized Obama's record in a speech before the National Press Club this week, Interior Department spokeswoman Kendra Barkoff responded that Obama had protected more than 2 million acres of wilderness and miles of scenic rivers. If Obama is going to take credit for this, he might as well take credit for the financial meltdown, because both happened before his time.

As they say, he could done more. But when the Republicans attached extremely anti-environmental riders to bills this year, he didn't even threaten a veto.

So are the same people telling him that austerity is more important than jobs also telling him that he can't care about the environment?

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