Monday :: Jun 20, 2011

MSNBC Needs The Competition

by Deacon Blues

After watching Chris Jansing's MSNBC show this morning, and what passes for informed discussion on MSNBC during that time slot, I am convinced that there is more than enough room for Current TV to launch and grow a center-left TV and opinion operation. There's been some gnashing of teeth by TV pundits and pooh-poohing of Keith Olbermann's chances of turning Current into the center-left alternative and home for progressives. I wish Keith the best, and hope Current can do a better job and have more of a reality and fact-based edge to their programming than what is happening during the day on MSNBC.

It was to be expected that Comcast would soften the edges on its MSNBC programming over time as we got closer to the 2012 election, so that by the time of the Iowa caucuses the daily hosts would have us believe that nutcases like Rick Perry are legitimate national leaders. I don't expect MSNBC's main stars to water down their styles and follow a corporate playbook from Comcast just because Keith is long gone and no longer getting them attention by association. But this morning, while watching Chris Jansing's show I was treated to a discussion between two MSNBC "analysts" who both talked up Rick Perry's job creation record as if it made him a natural and serious challenger to the president.

Neither of these "analysts", nor the always well-dressed host herself once pointed out that Perry's job creation record is grossly oversold and swallowed by a gullible media. Nor was it pointed out that most of his newly-created jobs came at the expense of other states, or through the oil industry, or were in fact minimum wage jobs that had no benefits. Not one of the "analysts" nor the host pointed out that Perry has the highest number of uninsured workers in the country. Nor was it pointed out that for all this supposed job growth, his state is saddled with monumental deficits.

Yet somehow with this record, MSNBC runs about five minutes this morning on an allegedly center-left news operation telling us that a governor with a minimum-wage and oil industry crony capitalism jobs record who believes that his state should break away from the union to be a standalone Christian enclave would be a credible candidate in 2012.

Yup, I think there's plenty of room for Keith and Current TV.

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