Thursday :: Jun 30, 2011

Look In The Mirror Mark Halperin

by Steve

Anyone who has watched Mark Halperin's act over the last several months should not be surprised at what happened this morning. The man has obtained some glorified status among the cable and broadcast networks because of his work on "Game Change". Yet Obama's press conference yesterday, in which the president finally aimed some pointed comments at the GOP and their priorities elicited Halperin's scorn.

Halperin is Exhibit A of the Beltway media culture's complicity in the mess facing this country. They appease and glad-hand Republican crackpots all day long without calling them out for their hypocrisy and outright deriliction of duty, yet never give any air time or serious consideration to progressive voices in opposition who have an alternative vision. Instead, those voices are considered fringe, while the GOP and Tea Party are considered legitimate voices of the people.

Halperin was already in his 2012 election cycle coverage mode, carrying with him these thoughts about Obama under the surface. This explains his puffery about GOP clowns. Too bad Halperin couldn't be bothered to call Eric Cantor or Paul Ryan a dick; instead, they are treated as serious people while they openly defend letting corporations and the wealthy treat the public treasury as an ATM while the other 98% are told to sacrifice to allow it to continue.

My copy of "Game Change" hit the trash can this morning, and the next time I see Halperin's face on "Charlie Rose", I'll be done with Rose as well. The country is going to hell in a handbasket, largely as a result of the elites and the corporate class running the country and the GOP, and yet media clowns think the president was a dick for showing a little attitude towards the GOP yesterday.

Don't fret for Halperin though; like Ed Henry before him, Halperin has a nice office waiting for him at Fox News, where he can call Obama a dick on-air without worrying about the 7-second delay, while calling himself a journalist.

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