Wednesday :: Jul 6, 2011

Obama Risks The Nomination

by Steve

Is Barack Obama about to sell out Medicare and Social Security just to get the GOP to close loopholes?

Is Barack Obama really about to piss on the grave of FDR and LBJ, just to get the GOP to do what they should do anyway?

Is Barack Obama about to throw away popular support for Medicare, Social Security, and an upper-income tax increase just to get the GOP to close loopholes that are publicly unpopular anyway?

Is Barack Obama about to undermine the one advantage Democrats have over Republicans next year, just so he in his own mind can be a substantial president?

Is Barack Obama about to blackmail his own party in Congress into a no-win choice between selling out the party's base or contributing to a default by opposing his malignant deal?

Or is Barack Obama going to support mild changes to Social Security like raising the retirement age and changes in Medicare that don't affect lower and middle income Americans, in exchange for getting new revenue from the GOP?

Let's hope it's nothing more than the latter, because if it is any of the former, then Democrats should oppose his deal and primary him next year. Any president who blackmails his own party into supporting cuts against its own legacy or risk being blamed for a default they didn't cause does not deserve that party's nomination.

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