Friday :: Jul 22, 2011

Republicans War on Light Bulbs and Common Sense

by Mary

No idea too stupid seems to be the rule for Republicans these days. The Hill reports that one Republican is introducing a bill that would prevent the use of CFLs (compact florescence lightbulbs) in the Congress.

A separate amendment offered by Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-Pa.) wades into another thorny political issue: light bulbs. The amendment would block funding for the use of energy-efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs in the Capitol complex.

Republicans have blasted a 2007 energy law requiring that traditional incandescent light bulbs become more energy efficient beginning in 2012. They say the law is an example of federal overreach, arguing that it disadvantages traditional light bulbs in favor of more efficient, but more expensive, CFLs.

Environmental and consumer advocacy groups note, however, that the light bulb efficiency standards do not ban traditional bulbs. They also point out that more efficient light bulbs save consumers money in the long run even if they are more expensive at the point of sale.

Clearly, listening to Rush Limbaugh has created a sanity warp in their brains.

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