Friday :: Aug 12, 2011

Sure, It Looks Bad Now, But . . . .

by Deacon Blues
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The media will divert itself to the Ames Straw Poll activities this weekend, an exercise whose only real relevance will be to winnow out a pretender or two (perhaps Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty). And whatever media attention not focused on Ames will be focused on Rick Perry’s and perhaps George Pataki’s entry into the race. It’s a fun and active time for the GOP, whereas Democrats have the dispiriting environment of watching their incumbent tread water and endure declining poll numbers while the economy stagnates. Yet roll the tape ahead a year and ask yourself this: under what scenario do you envision the GOP nominee defeating Obama in the general election?

Sure, disappointed partisans like me can gnash our teeth about Obama’s mismanagement of the economy, missed opportunities, and failed campaign promises. But when you step back and look at today’s GOP and the possible Tier One candidates vying for the nomination, in reality how does each of them manage to beat Obama in a general election? We’ll stipulate up front that the economy will be an albatross around Obama’s neck, and we can disagree as to his culpability for that. Yet how will any of these possible GOP nominees mount an effective challenge when the process narrows it down to a head-to-head matchup? Do you see any of the Top Tier GOP candidates being able to convince voters to ditch Obama and vote for a low taxes, low regulations, good-for-business platform that is built upon serious cuts to domestic spending?

I don't, and some conservatives don't either.

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