Monday :: Aug 22, 2011

Time For Another Voice

by Deacon Blues

If the Gallup Poll of registered voters finds that Obama is statistically tied with Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann Ron Paul, and even Rick Perry more than a year before the election, then why shouldn't Democrats embrace a primary challenge?

Are 2012 Democratic incumbents obligated to tie their fortunes to a man who has bungled every major political negotiation he has faced in the White House? Are they obligated to sink or swim with a man who has lost all his political capital as a result?

If the electorate is no longer convinced that your standard-bearer is a clear choice over the likes of Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, even after he's been president for more than two and a half years, then what makes you think Barack Obama can regain those voters when he has clearly lost track of what Main Street really wants?

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