Sunday :: Sep 4, 2011

Obama Disappoints Again

by Steve

With a weekend before us and Labor Day to boot, let me point you to several pieces that merit your attention.

First, Matt Stoller makes the excellent case in Salon for why Obama needs a primary challenger. I fully agree with everything Matt says, which won’t surprise many of you as I’m not supporting Obama for reelection.

Second, in the latest example of a New Republic writer using a larger soapbox to spew factually dishonest BS about liberals, we are treated to Jonathan Chait defending Obama from his liberal critics. Chait lies in several places, including the biggest one here in defending Obama for his limp-dick stimulus effort and gutless approach to fighting for what was really needed:

It’s worth recalling that several weeks before Obama proposed an $800 billion stimulus, House Democrats had floated a $500 billion stimulus. (Oddly, this never resulted in liberals portraying Nancy Pelosi as a congenitally timid right-wing enabler.) At the time, Obama’s $800 billion stimulus was seen by Congress, pundits and business leaders — that is to say, just about everybody who mattered — as mind-bogglingly large. News reports invariably described it as “huge,” “massive” or other terms suggesting it was unrealistically large, even kind of pornographic. The favored cliché used to describe the reaction in Congress was “sticker shock.”

Chait intentionally ignores critiques at the time from actual economists that the stimulus was too small; I guess those people are not “everybody who mattered.” He also ignores the fact that there was discussion about a trillion-dollar package from credible quarters, but the Obama political team didn't want to wage the fight for that. Chait then goes on to laughably assert that Obama went limp with the stimulus to conserve his political capital with Republicans, and we can all see how that turned out. Scarecrow John at Firedoglake slams Chait as well as anyone. As others have noted, Chait's "defense" is so weak that it almost sounds like an LBJ withdrawal from the race, if only Democrats were so lucky.

Lastly, if I ever needed another reason to turn my back on Obama’s White House, it was his abdication of responsibility in the Friday news dump to scuttle the EPA’s ozone rules, ostensibly to placate Big Business, who will just pocket that capitulation and still bankroll Obama’s general election opponent. Obama's environmental record is pathetic.

Obama is a gutless prick who will end up doing as much damage to the general public as George W. Bush.

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