Tuesday :: Sep 6, 2011

We're Just Not That Into You

by Deacon Blues

It's not even three years into his presidency, and Barack Obama has managed to deflate his own party, and turn independents and young voters against him. Those are the major findings of the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll out today. In his quest for bipartisanship with an opposition that is set on his destruction, and with a political team that panders to Wall Street rather than prosecute them, it's no wonder that the Main Street coalition that got him elected has had enough of him.

And if Roubini, who saw the last collapse coming, says that things are worse now especially because of fiscal austerity policies supported by Obama's inner circle, then the president is about to take the Democratic Party over the cliff with him.

The Party doesn't want to admit this, but Democrats are heading towards an LBJ moment with this president.

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