Sunday :: Sep 18, 2011

When Al Gore Speaks the NYTimes Looks for Someone To Call Him a Liar

by Mary

Al Gore is fighting for the future of the world, but the NYTimes reporter figured he had to give the climate deniers their say.

On the 14th of September, Gore hosted "24 hours of Reality" about Climate Change which broadcast the current climatic state of the world from countries all over the world. Any sane person would recognize what he says is extremely important because he is speaking for an international scientific consensus that catastrophic climate change is looming and the world must address it now.

But what does the NYTimes do when discussing this major event? They looked for a climate denier to say that Al Gore was just making it up. After all the really extreme weather that people all over the world are experiencing isn't really happening because of man's spewing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It's just a natural phenomena.

Tom Harris, executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition, said the program was largely a wasted effort. "I think it's sad to see them spend so much time and energy on something on something that's not true," said Harris, who described his group as offering a "climate-realist perspective." "This extreme weather thing is not a function of temperature," he said.

...Though he acknowledged that climate change is occurring, Harris said humanity is not necessarily driving the phenomenon, so attempting to stop warming trends doesn't make much sense. "The amount of climate change impact that humans have is very small," said Harris.

Evidently the NY Times couldn't find a real scientist to give this attack, they had to find someone who was a mechanical engineer who is being bankrolled by the polluters which they didn't even bother to report.

When you want to know where the international consensus is for whether humans are responsible for global warming, you can look at this graphic from ClimateProgress:


In discussing that graphic, one commenter said, "Most people think the truth about global warming lies anywhere between 'hoax' and 'big problem'. [But t]hat's where scientific opinion begins, between 'big problem' and 'the end of the world'."

It would be nice if reporters or bloggers could finally get over their needing to diss Al Gore and treat his message with the respect and attention it deserves.

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