Wednesday :: Sep 21, 2011

A Politico Smear

by Deacon Blues

Allow me to say that Politico and their reporter Glenn Thrush are engaging in racial journalism with this piece and the picture of an assertive Obama that accompanies it. We're being told by Thrush and the headline that by pushing a more populist and fair approach to taxation, that "Obama sparks middle-of-road rage". Really Mr. Thrush?

And what's the proof offered in the story for this assertion? Does Thrush point to the numerous public opinion polls over the last several months that show moderates support what Obama is now proposing? No. His entire argument is based on input from only three people: former Clinton strategist Mark Penn, DINO Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, and David Brooks, who for some reason is being deemed a "moderate" by Thrush. The views of those three people apparently constitute "middle-of-road rage."

So why would a Politico reporter slant a story like this with a hyperactive headline, and using a small sample size including a now-discredited NYT conservative and DINO senator while disregarding available public opinion polling? Mr. Thrush, can you show us where exactly is this rage you assert exists? Or does it only exist among the Beltway and Wall Street elites, and you know, the GOP/Tea Party elites whose taxes would actually go up?

Rage Mr. Thrush? Really? Why do the actions of an assertive, black president trying to reverse the real class warfare of the last four decades against the middle class result supposedly in "rage"?

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