Sunday :: Oct 9, 2011

OccupyPortland and the Portland Marathon

by Mary

The Portland Marathon has always been a huge October event in Portland. And this year, the 40th anniversary, was no different.

OccupyPortland also started off with a bang with over 10,000 people marching on Friday to help start up the occupation encampment where hundreds of people joined the OccupyWallStreet demonstrations.

This year October logistics in Portland were even more interesting because both the marathon and OccupyPortland were making use of the two parks that were scheduled to be used for the marathon finale.

But Portland, being Portland, the two organizations worked together along with the city to make sure both groups could be successful.

The 40th Portland Marathon came off without a hitch Sunday after Occupy Portland demonstrators agreed to continue their protest without disrupting the thousands of runners and walkers who descended on downtown Portland.

The protesters, who had filled Chapman Square with tents, set up an outpost camp in the South Park blocks. Access to square was blocked this morning by the marathon's finish line, but demonstrators who left will be allowed to return later today.


At noon today, as the marathon was wrapping up, more than 100 Occupy Portland demonstrators rallied outside the Portland State University library then marched though the Park blocks.


Marathon event director Les Smith said the demonstrators had been very supportive, and about 40 had volunteered to help clean up near the finish line after the marathon.

"We've had a really good spirit of cooperation," he said. "That's kind of the essense of Portland."


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