Tuesday :: Oct 18, 2011

Thanks Paradox

by Steve

I've been largely AWOL from the site for many months now, partly from Barack Obama's ability to kill off the joy I get from politics, and partly from the collective changes in my life over the last three years. Suffice it to say that I will grudgingly work for Obama's reelection for no other reason than he now seems willing to admit he's a Democrat fighting for Main Street.

As for my personal situation, one day I'll tell a story about how things at work went to hell right after my dad died weeks after Obama's election, when after 29 years with my employer my involvement in this website was deemed disqualifying for a senior position they requested I apply for. Luckily for me, after a long and dark nine months in 2009, I was able to benefit from my hard work and track record with that employer to gain a great position with a new employer that only cares about what I know and how hard I work. I know that in the midst of so much suffering and hardship amongst so many, I am very fortunate, albeit with little time to blog as much as I would like.

The reason for my reemergence tonight was Paradox's post yesterday, talking about his challenges and his fight to overcome them. I have it easy compared to Paradox, and I have it easy compared to many of you. In fact, I have nothing at all to complain about. But I do know something about challenges, and something about dark days and nights, so I empathize with Paradox and millions of others who wage a good fight every day to overcome a bad hand that they've been dealt. Paradox's story inspired me to write this post and has prodded me to write more as this election season moves towards the primaries.

This blog will never again achieve the readership we obtained during the glory days of 2003 and 2004, or even 2008, because of the effect the superblogs have had killing off the smaller blogs like this one. I'm not bitter, as this was a natural effect of blogging Darwinism and of part-time bloggers trying to maintain something while holding down real jobs and while competing with others who went mainstream while telling themselves they weren't. But I respect and appreciate all of you who've been checking in with us all these years, and I greatly respect Paradox and Mary, who've been there since the earliest days and have made this a noble venture.

Please extend your appreciation for Paradox and Mary, both of whom are far better folks than me. And let's see how much fun we can have with this election and especially the GOP field, who give me entertainment every day.

My thanks to all of you, and let's hope Barack Obama earns our votes. And now back to some blogging, as time permits.

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