Monday :: Oct 24, 2011

Goose, See Gander

by Deacon Blues

A federal judge today put on hold Florida governor Rick Scott's new requirement that all welfare recipients pass a drug test before getting benefits. Not surprisingly, the judge noted that such a requirement raised Fourth Amendment concerns regarding unreasonable searches and seizures, and would lead to the divulgence of confidential medical information.

This is the kind of enlightened policy the voters of Florida now get after they voted for Scott and Marco Rubio last year, in a state where being a lying Republican is a badge of honor to the Tea Party. Scott you'll recall was the former CEO of HCA when they were nailed for Medicare fraud, and is already up against conflict of interest and Medicare fraud charges with his new company. Yet Scott wants to make sure that welfare recipients get drug tested before getting their checks.

"Drug testing welfare recipients is just a common-sense way to ensure that welfare dollars are used to help children and get parents back to work," said Jackie Schutz, a spokeswoman for Scott.

In the spirit of making sure public dollars are spent for their intended purposes, why doesn't Scott pass a similar drug testing and performance benchmark for the recipients of corporate welfare in Florida? If in Scott's felon-addled mind a welfare recipient needs to be held accountable to get benefits from the state treasury, and if the John Roberts Supreme Court says that corporations are people, where are the drug tests for corporate CEOs who want tax breaks and other corporate welfare in his state?

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