Monday :: Nov 7, 2011

High Tech Companies Betting on Solar

by Mary

CleanTechnica has a rundown on some of the most innovative solar projects being invested in by winning high tech companies along with the news that companies putting their money on clean energy are abandoning the voice of the polluters: the US Chamber of Commerce.

According to the piece, IBM has installed a solar-powered array on their Bangalore Software Lab which has some interesting innovation that improves energy efficiency by using DC power to run some high voltage DC servers and the water cooling systems.

Also noted is Facebook's plan for using Solar Cogeneration on their Menlo Park site. And Apple's investment into a solar run site for their cloud servers in North Carolina.

Best of all, the industries of the future are leaving the US Chamber of Commerce to protest their climate denial lobbying. The latest company to quietly drop out was Yahoo.

As Krugman noted and Joe Romm strongly concurred, solar has a very bright future indeed.

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