Friday :: Nov 18, 2011

GOP Economic Priorities

by Mary

When trying to understand what a person or a party cares about, it pays to pay attention to what they do, and not what they say. Despite all the caterwauling about the deficit, the GOP cares about making the rich richer. And they definitely don't want to pay for government services, especially if they are designed to help the middle class or the poor.

If you didn't catch Terry Gross's interview with Tim Dickerson Wednesday, I can't recommend it highly enough, because it goes a long way to showing how much the GOP has changed since the time of Reagan. As Dickerson told Terry, Ronald Reagan believed that one paid for the government services that one used rather than expecting those who come after to pay for them.

"While Reagan was dedicated to cutting taxes for the rich — that is true — he was also mindful of not leaving the country with unsustainable debt," says Dickinson. "Although he did rake up enormous deficits, he was making adjustments during his two terms to raise taxes on things like gasoline. ... Throughout Reagan and the George H.W. Bush presidency, there was a commitment to balance ... and that required raising revenues. There wasn't this allergy to revenue that the current GOP displays."

Today's GOP is so enthralled with tax cutting and such believers in fairy dust that they will never be willing to have to let one dime of revenue increase happen on their watch. Screw the country and screw the future. It's a sad day for the country that a man like Grover Norquist can dictate the course of a national party and twist the function of government it only services the rich.

And to learn more about this sad state of affairs, listen to the interview and read Tim Dickerson's latest piece in the Rolling Stones.

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