Friday :: Jan 20, 2012

The Irascible and Unstable Newt Gingrich

by Mary

So why did Marianne Gingrich decide to come out about her ex-husband, Newt? Not just because he is a hypocrite and cad, but according to John Richardson who got her story in 2010, it's because she questions what type of President he would be.

After that, Gingrich started to deteriorate. There were times, Marianne says, when he wasn't functioning. He started yelling at people, which he'd never done before, and he'd get weirdly "overfocused" on getting things done — manic, as if he was running out of time. He took to taking meetings while eating, slurping his food, as if he wasn't aware or didn't care how strange it looked. The staff responded with gallows humor: "He's a sociopath, but he's our sociopath." [...]As his personal failures and his political contradictions closed in on him, she began to entertain fears about his fundamental decency. "I used to tell him I don't care if you lose Congress as long as you're standing for what you believe in and what we've worked for — as long as you don't sell out," she says. "But he wanted the life he wanted. You can call it opulent. You can call it self-indulgent. You can call it anything you want to. But that's not me."

One thing is certain, if Newt becomes the Republican candidate, it will be a long and nasty campaign.

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