Friday :: Feb 3, 2012

Not a Bad Day

by Deacon Blues
Image courtesy of the Financial Times

What's not to like about today's news? The unemployment rate dropped to 8.3% in January, with the jobs report showing 243,000 new jobs last month across all categories, far exceeding economists' predictions of no more than 155,000 new jobs. The report was so strong that idiots on Wall Street are worried about inflation, and the best that House Republicans could do was mutter that there were still problems out there. Yes, there are problems out there, and the sooner that Barack Obama starts reminding voters that things would be much better if the do-nothing House GOP got out of the way, the better.

Then, in an abrupt turnaround from certain extinction, the Susan G. Komen Foundation reversed itself today and apologized to Planned Parenthood, and will continue their funding relationship. The move was necessary to keep the foundation from mortally wounding itself to please right wing wackos in their management ranks and in Congress, but I for one will never donate money ever again to the Komen Foundation.

Lastly, Mitt Romney ate his words from earlier this week and now claims he misspoke when he said he wasn't concerned about the poor. As Think Progress notes, Romney didn't misspeak because he himself is quick to say that he's already said a variation of this message previously, so he obviously believes it. But now Mitt gets to contend with the right wing crazies in his party who are unhappy that he tried to retract his statement.

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