Tuesday :: Feb 14, 2012

Occupy the SEC's comment on the Volcker Rule

by Mary

Felix Salmon was quite impressed with the thoroughness and rigor of the comment on the Volcker Rule by the Occupy the SEC.

...the absolutely astonishing 325-page comment letter on the Volcker Rule which has been put together by Occupy the SEC; it’s pretty clear, from reading the letter, that the people who wrote it are whip-smart and extremely talented.

Occupy the SEC is the wonky finreg arm of Occupy Wall Street, and its main authors are worth naming and celebrating: Akshat Tewary, Alexis Goldstein, Corley Miller, George Bailey, Caitlin Kline, Elizabeth Friedrich, and Eric Taylor. If you can’t read the whole thing, at least read the introductory comments, on pages 3-6, both for their substance and for the panache of their delivery.

You can find the letter here. Nice that the Occupy movement can speak so well for the 99% of us.

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