Wednesday :: Feb 22, 2012

Hold Ricky Accountable

by Deacon Blues

Rick Santorum has been coasting on his toxic rhetoric for almost three weeks now, and the media has allowed him to get away with it. He's still doing it today, in advance of the next GOP debate tonight:

Hours earlier, Romney had called for a 20%, across-the-board cut in individual tax rates. Santorum has also called for cuts in income taxes, proposing two rates of 10% and 28%.
Speaking to a capacity crowd of several hundred at a tea party gathering in Tucson, Santorum saved most of his criticism for President Obama, questioning his moral values and accusing him of “trying to crush the traditional Judeo-Christian values” of the country. Santorum has been sharply critical of the Obama administration’s decision, since amended, to require religious employers to include contraception in their employee healthcare plans.
“We’re seeing very evidently what the president’s moral codes and principles are about,” he said.
He also criticized Obama’s immigration policies – a hot topic in Arizona – and pledged that, if elected, he would complete a wall along the Mexican border.

Memo to the media: We’ve had enough of this demagoguery. Hold Santorum accountable. Start, tonight, by asking the tough questions to make Ricky be specific, and credible. I’m betting Ricky crumbles like the good false prophet he is.

For example:

Mr. Santorum, please tell us how you will deal with the increased deficit spending and revenue loss that comes from your tax plan? Which programs will you cut, and by how much, to deal with that revenue loss?

Mr. Santorum, please give us specific examples of how President Obama has been “trying to crush the traditional Judeo-Christian values” of this country? How many examples do you have? How they are different from those of his predecessors?

Mr. Santorum, please explain how walling off the Mexican border fits into an overall Santorum immigration policy? Also, please explain why George W. Bush did not do this either, and why you never authored a bill while you were in the Senate to do this.

Please hold this man accountable for his nonsense.

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