Tuesday :: Mar 20, 2012

What happened to spring?

by Mary

Today was the first day of spring, but for much of the upper mid-west, spring was skipped as summer showed up early. A friend of mine sent me a note from Madison, Wisconsin, on St. Patrick's day that Madison was looking forward to another day with high of at least 80 degrees after reaching a record high of 82 on March 16.

And Madison was not alone.

Jeff Masters has remarked these record highs, some that are 40 degrees higher than the average temperature for over 100 years for several mid-western cities, are extraordinary. In fact, he exclaimed, "this is not the atmosphere I grew up with."

The weather this late winter verging onto spring has been one that is exotically different than other springs we've known.

But don't worry. The Republican candidates for president know climate change is just a hoax and certainly nothing they need to worry their pretty little heads about. All we need to fix our problems is to drill more carbon-based energy resources. That will fix all our problems.

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