Friday :: Jun 1, 2012

The Two Mistakes

by Steve

Yes, Mitt Romney is a bald-faced liar.

Yes, Romney's main goal is to leave no angry white voter untapped.

Yes, Romney and the GOP will suppress the Democratic vote because Eric Holder sat on his hands too long.

Yes, Romney, the Kochs, and Karl Rove will outspend Obama two or 3:1 in this campaign, thanks to the treasonous work of John Roberts and Sam Alito.

And yes, a large part of the country simply (and reprehensibly) wants the black man out of the White House.

But the one thing Barack Obama could not afford to do was let Romney gain traction on the economy. And yet, because Larry Summers declined to show Obama the full range of stimulus options, the president made the first of two decisions during his term that will ultimately make him a one-term president: he went too small on the stimulus when he had the political capital to go larger. His second mistake was to focus on health care reform in 2009 instead of staying focused on the economy, and financial reform and accountability.

Because of these mistakes, even a bald-faced, race-baiting liar like Mitt Romney, who has no economic remedies of his own can win the presidency this year, and usher in a generation of darkness and American decline thanks to a return to failed policies and a degenerate Supreme Court.

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