Saturday :: Jun 30, 2012

Leaving Tryanny for Freedom

by Mary

Dkos has a great post up to help all the wingnuts who want to bail on the USA for a country more conducive to freedom, like Canada, after the ACA was ruled constitutional.

And wonders of wonders, in a comment statsone wrote that in addition to Canadians having Universal Healthcare there are some other "freedoms" the oppressed anti-ACA can find in our neighbor to the North.

-higher gas prices
-liquor control boards
-higher taxes
-no 2nd amendment - you need to take a course to buy guns. No assault weapons. NONE!
-a strong central government (no provincial rights)
-income tax evaders go to jail
-metric system
-stronger unions
-stronger labour laws
-different spelling of some words like favourite, labour, spiralling, modelling, etc
-student must take some French in school

Gosh, it sounds like a great place for someone looking to escape the oppressive tyranny of Obamacare.

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