Wednesday :: Jul 11, 2012

He's Not Gutsy, He's Just Mitt

by Deacon Blues
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Mitt Romney went before the NAACP today by his own admission to get booed for suggesting that African Americans give him a look rather than Barack Obama. Make no mistake; the Romney campaign saw an opportunity to impress their angry white base with an appearance they could bill as "gutsy' and stepping into the lions den against all those nasty black people. They could also count on media water carriers like the Washington Post's Michael Moynihan to spread this message of Romney toughness as his campaign admits to the Fox faithful that they planned to be booed.

Yet these media dimwits for Romney missed the joke: Romney made this appeal while standing in front of a stage banner encouraging voter participation this fall.

If Romney really wants African American voters to take him seriously and consider his appeal to be in earnest, why is Romney letting his surrogates do everything possible to disenfranchise thousands of African American voters this fall? Why is Romney working with the Kochs and others who are directly funding voter suppression efforts?

Mitt, if you want credit for being gutsy, go after your own base.

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