Saturday :: Jul 28, 2012

Wall of Films?

by Oly Mike

Boy, we all need a little couch potato time, don't we?

Don't know about you, but I would rather watch a movie stream across my big screen at home than fight traffic and take other chances with a night out at the cineplex. Sorry for the loss of jobs, but I just don't go out to the movies very often.. for a variety of reasons.

We also don't have an antenna on top of the house, or a dish, or any cable channel systems plumbed into the domicile, but we have a decent internet pipe and an extra computer plugged in to big screen and sound system, so we can watch the inter-tube-net movies when schedule allows.

Always looking for free streaming movies and entertainment.

Here's a new source that I just came across: Wall of Films

Check it out.

Wall of Films | Films For Action

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