Monday :: Aug 13, 2012

Thinking about Guns

by Mary

Mitt Romney advocates "thoughtful consideration" to deal with the flurry of mass gun violence over the last few months. Well, I have a thoughtful, considerate proposition for helping Mitt and other representatives make their vision of guns everywhere all the time a reality: Pass the Concealed Carry True Reciprocity Act to cover all federal governmental offices: the Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court and the White House.

We know that the gun rights folks are sure that if everyone is armed, the number of deaths will diminish. Yet, for many Americans, it seems that more guns lead to more mass murder.

Maybe when we have the same rules covering our representatives and other federal officials, as with our churches, our movie theaters, and our universities, we can have a more "thoughtful, considerate" conversation about how we deal with mass murder, including perhaps discussing closing the gun show loophole.

It's time to make sure our legislative representatives, judges and executives live under the same laws under which they expect us to live.

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