Thursday :: Aug 16, 2012

Just Erase The Word

by Steve
Image courtesy of the Christian Science Monitor

So Mitt Romney trotted out a new prop today: instead of an Etch-a-Sketch, he’s now using a dry erase board. Bad choice Mitt. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

Why is the media surprised that Romney and Ryan lunged out of the gates by going negative? Did they not watch Romney during the primaries? Do they not remember the Karl Rove playbook? Romney proved during the primaries that he can’t sell himself, and he’s only comfortable going negative. And Rove taught Republicans that when you have a weakness, attack your Democratic opponent from that weakness. Ergo, Ryan and Romney are vulnerable on Medicare. Why is it therefore surprising that they attacked Obama on Medicare? The only thing more surprising about the strategy is that every day that Romney and Ryan attack on Medicare, and every day that Obama talks about hidden tax returns and Medicare vouchers is another day that the GOP doesn’t talk about jobs.

Now about that board. The best way for Obama to respond to the dry erase board is to stage events with his own board. He should start by putting Medicare next to both their names. He should then write the positive things he’s doing about health care and Medicare next to his name. And when he gets to Romney’s name, he should say “this is the Romney/Ryan plan for Medicare.” And then he should simply . . . erase . . . the word . . . “Medicare”.

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