Tuesday :: Sep 18, 2012

Romney: Forget Middle East Peace

by Steve

As David Corn of Mother Jones magazine indicated last night, they could, and did release the full Romney fundraiser tape today. In today’s installment of Doofus Theater, Mitt tells his top-level bankrollers that there really is no hope for Middle East peace or a two-state solution because Palestinians don’t want peace. Mitt has been convinced by Bibi Netanyahu, his neo-conservative Bush-era advisors, and his Jewish Lobby check writers that the status quo is all that can be hoped for.

This of course is exactly what the military industrial complex wants to hear. As long as America keeps writing checks to Israel and sending our troops off to die in wars with Islam, everything is good to Team Romney and the right wing fringe amongst his stratospheric donors. Their kids never die in these wars, and they only profit from other folks’ death and misery.

The sad thing aside from the stark realization that one political party is fully committed to a never-ending war machine that consumes tax dollars and someone else’s sons and daughters is that America needed to have a debate sometime during this campaign about our role in the world and what the grand strategy is. Notwithstanding Romney’s abysmal and premeditated response to the recent bombings, reflecting something too sinister and disquieting to contemplate right now, a foreign policy debate amongst two well educated and forward-looking adults would have benefitted the country greatly. Obama’s foreign policy record is overrated, and keep in mind this is coming from a Hillary Clinton supporter. After eight years of Bush/Cheney impeachable offenses and gross hubris/miscalculations, our exit from Iraq and the killing of Osama Bin Laden simply reverses the wrongs of the last bastard gang. Yet we won’t be having that debate in this election because Romney is not the vessel to participate in such a dialogue, nor is today’s GOP credible to wage such a debate.

One last thought about the Romney fundraiser video: as David Corn noted last night on MSNBC, the tape would have been made by someone attending the $50,000+ part of the fundraiser amongst exclusive highest-dollar contributors. Since it seemingly wasn’t made by the host or the catering crew, what does it say that someone attending the event was willing to leak it?

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