Thursday :: Oct 4, 2012

Obama's Post-Debate Opportunity

by CA Pol Junkie

I was restless half the night thinking about all the things Obama should have said during the debate. One can only imagine how well Obama himself slept after missing multiple opportunities to target Mitt Romney. Still, Obama has two things going for him: debates rarely change votes (just ask President Kerry) and half the debate is won in the post-debate environment. Mitt Romney told quite a few lies which leave him vulnerable if that makes the news today and tomorrow.

In my insomnia, I envisioned what Barack Obama should say about the debate during his rally today:

Did you hear Governor Romney talk about his plans during the debate? I was a little confused because I thought he must be talking about some other Mitt Romney's plans. I've read his plans, I encourage all of you to read his plans, and I encourage Mitt Romney to read his own plans. Because the plans he described last night weren't his own plans. He said his health care plan would let people with pre-existing conditions get insurance. No it doesn't. It just continues current law and doesn't do anything to address the problem. He said his tax plan would be revenue neutral without hitting the middle class with a higher tax bill. Math says that it can't. So why is he saying all that? It's as if he wants you to think something that isn't true. He wouldn't want to do that, would he?

Let's hope the polls do next to nothing as expected and that Biden and Obama bring their A games to the next debates so we can sleep better until November 6th.

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