Thursday :: Oct 4, 2012

So-called Fact Checkers Insist on False Balance

by Mary

NPR is playing "referee" by finding Obama's so-called mistatements in last night's debate. According to them, Obama's claim to have created 5 million jobs was stretching the truth.

NPR's John Ydstie says that's true. But it also ignores an inconvenient truth (for the president), that about the same number of jobs were lost during Obama's first year in office.

A more factual look at the jobs lost would show that Obama had been handed a huge mess and did a remarkable job of bringing the country back from the brink of depression. Calculated Risk has the definitive chart that demonstrates the problem:

In a reality-based world, Obama's statement would be marked True, not "Half True".

The fact checkers seem to be working overtime to make sure they can balance the fact that Ronney is a blatant liar by showing that Obama is careless with the truth as well. It's not working.

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