Sunday :: Nov 4, 2012

Who's trying to steal the election?

by Mary

I live in Clackamas County where a temporary election worker (who's a Republican operative) was caught marking ballots for Republicans after they were received at the Clackamas County election office. Clackamas County is under assault by a Timber baron from Washington Country who wants to turn Clackamas County red. As the Oregorian explains, the election worker could flip the election towards the conservatives because a large number of ballots are unmarked in the local races.

Lehan's campaign is still considering possible legal action, Chris Edmonds, Lehan's campaign manager, said Sunday. "We are waiting for more information," he wrote in an e-mail.

The campaign is particularly concerned with the "undervote," where voters make choices in the high-profile races, such as president, but leave others blank. In a general election, up to 30 percent of voters undervote, Edmonds said Friday.

"From our perspective, Charlotte is the most vulnerable person in a case of down-ballot filling-in because of the undervote is so high in these county commission races," Edmonds previously said. "It leaves open a huge margin of room for somebody, such as an election worker, to sway an election."

This election will decide the fate of my city's future and the right-wing money is just pouring in. I just hope enough of my neighbors don't want the Tea Party controlling their county or city.

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