Thursday :: Feb 14, 2013

No Liberal Hypocrite for Obama Here

by paradox

To follow up on the sterling Alex Pareene of Salon commenting on the alleged liberal hypocrisy of Obama supporters for supporting his foreign policy, well, let it be said once again that our tragedy in Afghanistan is an outrage of waste and useless violence. I said it when Bush was President and have vociferously said so the entire Obama presidency, so wherever Friedersdorf of The Atlantic got his observations they didn’t come from The Left Coaster.

I’m not the least bit impressed with the President’s order to cut the Afghanistan troop strength in half. If half can go without jeopardizing security, why not all right now? There’s never a satisfactory answer, never mind that the sycophants in the press corps don't ask. It’s imperative that the United States get the hell out of Afghanistan today, for the record, Mr. Friedersdorf, for the following reasons:

We never accomplish an obvious mission there, all our troops do is get wounded and killed in sporadic combat that we’ll quit in 29 months, how could that accomplish anything, why not quit this month then? We’ve destroyed our moral credibility with the rest of the world, we get furiously upset when white American kids are shot but are indifferent to the scores of Afghan and Pakistan children killed in the (useless, remember) war. We have this debate about the President having the authority to kill Americans but if it’s any other human on the earth, hey, no problem!

The stupidity and insanity of this of course has not been lost on our troops, the suicide rate has now surpassed the casualty rate. What we have done to the Marine Corps and Army is horrifying and will take at least a generation to recover from within the services.

The moral issue of ignoring our own people and children in an unemployment crisis while spending $120 billion annually on a useless war is sickening in its vicious scope of revulsion. Got a chained CPI with that?

If I wrote about it every day it would crush and distort who I am. Furthermore, if I was critical of everything Obama has done I would blog thrice a day for months, there is so very much material out there, yes. Besides the war I take it upon myself to plead for economic for economic stimulus, no matter how futile.

Just as a fyi to DC, right, when you don’t try to create 5 million jobs with the money y’all throw away in the Afghanistan war you precisely give the message you don’t give a shit about unemployment. Give up with the excuses and rationalizations, please, the only way to demonstrate you care about the little people is to try and fail. Saying you can’t try while our people are in the streets is disgusting, it’s a record of disgrace you shouldn’t own.

Clouding all the death and suicide and drones and bombers and missiles and assassination and dismemberment of children is this frightening nonchalance about it all, hey we’re Americans so we can do the fuck whatever we want, we’ll call it secret and those hilarious little pansies in the press corps will shut up, if anyone else says a word we’ll ignore you until exhaustion shuts you up too. Plus we get to be good Americans and be happy about the country, of course.

I may get a little weary in life, but I’m not that tired yet. Get every single American soul out of Afghanistan. Now. Today.

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