Sunday :: Apr 21, 2013

Sports For Nerdy People

by paradox

Sorry to be so quiet for so long, but there are other things in life that are difficult and the last thing I needed was immersion in American politics. I probably would have spit out some machine gun text the President and Party so richly deserve in other circumstances, but that’s precisely what the White House is waiting for, paradox the ranting leftist, see how we’re not him? It’s one thing to be insulted and abused, quite another to have an expectation of triangulated manipulation behind it, so you’ll have to excuse me, President Obama, I’m not going to be your predictable attack dog this morning.

But there are four elements of our current nightmare that deserve note and attention, not particularly earth-shattering or new in their scope, but well worth political study.

Colorado celebrated its sweet 420 legalization yesterday, notable not in that some idiot shot off his handgun but that it happened it all. Enormously powerful forces are in play on both sides of the cannabis issue, yet the Obama administration, hopelessly and mentally corned by a spaghetti of political rationalizations, is frozen into doing nothing. Old former attorney general white guys, The Law so thunderously on their side, demanded the President act. In the sweetest of justice they were laughably clueless about, he did nothing.

Note this evolution very carefully, it’s rare a political actor or party simply does nothing with their hands on the lever of a hot issue. Acting one way or another always delivers a payoff and political direction, it’s what these humans have devoted their mental lives to, yet the Obama administration can’t even politically breathe here, what a carcass of a political animal they can be. In just an opinion it appears even the Obama people cannot shove policy shit down the throats of their people and the country in this instance anymore, it’s simply too offensive, yet they’re so weak they can’t confront the authoritarians.1

The United States has completely lost control of its drone warfare program under the last two Executives. Congressional oversight failure is a very old story in our times, yes, but note the horrifying scope of policy failure on so many fronts here. The President has totally chucked judicial review in a laughable procedure to kill any human soul he wishes, courts and Congress be damned. International law and boundary of warfare definition have gone to the winds. Rage and retribution are totally predictable outcomes, while the name and integrity of the United States might as well be a turd of Satan.

This horror show leads into a third noteworthy political element, a vastly American powerful vacuum for honest candidates who can actually work for our government and little people. Dianne Feinstein and the rest of those clowns in Congress have been lying to us about drones for years, they damn well knew the Obama administration was blowing away anyone they had an itch about.

We seriously need new candidates in the Democratic Party, if you have ever thought about it please run. The war on drugs, terrible employment and wages, global warming and healthcare, these are supremely motivating issues for our people that will elect Americans brave enough to fight for the little people. You have a great chance, know it, there’s so much failure right now almost all of our politicians are gone soon, one way or another, and it would be so much better for the country if committed liberals filled this amazing vacuum. It is going to get filled, oh yes, and the history of that evolution for our species is not reassuring.

Which brings me to my final point of this day, inspired by the incomparable Amanda Marcotte, who noted that many conservatives—fat, content, privileged, a good life mainly handed to them—think of politics as sports for nerdy people. I’m not depressed and outraged by the idiots in DC because they crossed me intellectually—I’m hardly that important, we all know that—it’s because I know with every cell in my body how they’re hurting our people and our country.

I sort of know what the pain of societal failure can deliver to the human psyche, yeah. Life can be very difficult, to deliberately make it worse through cruel politics or to unbelievably just sit there in inactivity because of smug weak rationalizations while human beings terribly suffer fills me with an outraged revulsion.

This is no game, something I’m positive the Obama administration is clueless about. I’m also pretty sure they’re going find out how wrong they are.

[1] Even given the enormously conflicting forces of cannabis that could theoretically produce such a political stall, cannabis is much like the gay rights issue in that doing the right thing hurts no one with results so obviously benign. The oil companies, defense contractors and authoritarians really lose nothing, while only relatively pipsqueak prison guard unions will make a fuss about cannabis legalization.

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