Tuesday :: Oct 1, 2013

Stirring Things Up

by Steve

I'm always amazed at how otherwise smart people seem confused by the rationale behind Tea Party willingness to shut down the government. As late as yesterday, Jonathan Cohn of the New Republic, a smart guy, was saying this:

But something else may be going on here. The willingness to shut down the government and allow default suggests these conservatives don’t accept the political legitimacy of Democrats—or, at least, certain Democrats. It’s surely no coincidence that the same conservatives enthusiastic about going to the brink (and over the brink) in order to stop Obamacare are the same ones who at various times have questioned Obama’s ancestry and religion—and accused him of stealing the election with the help of nefarious left-wing groups. If you truly believe that the president isn’t legitimate, why would you think his laws are? And if his laws aren’t legitimate, then why wouldn’t you indulge in extraordinary measures to stop them?

Jonathan, this late in the game, is this news to you? Really? What do you think has been going on here since 2010, hell, since 2008? The only major difference now is that John Boehner has handed control over to a fringe minority bent on nullifying a national election at all costs, and the current House GOP leadership doesn't have the guts to stop it.

If Nancy Pelosi really wanted to stir things up right about now inside the House GOP caucus, she'd walk over to Peter King and whisper into his ear "Do you want 190 votes to be the new Speaker?"

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