Saturday :: Nov 9, 2013

They Should Have Known

by Steve

I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately, as the job has been particularly demanding over the last three weeks. So let me do a few quick hits to get back in the game.

On the issue of what the president knew and when he knew it regarding the Obamacare website and NSA spying on foreign allies, and his purported anger at his aides over the website stumbles, he is screwed no matter what. Either he knew about these things and is throwing his staff under the bus to save his skin, or he didn’t know and should have. Either result is bad. There is no reason he shouldn’t have known the status of the IT system undergirding his signature policy achievement, and if he didn’t know then he isn’t a good chief executive or frankly a good politician. Alternately, he could be a liar about all of this. We all knew he had no real executive experience and therefore would have to rely upon aides to sort it all out. But we also know now that those aides are good at winning campaigns but defective at actually governing. And as far as his political skills, we now know from the new Halperin/Heillmann book that he may not be the politician he’s been made out to be either. I personally feel it is best for congressional Democrats to chart their own way the remainder of Obama’s term, and to start aligning themselves with a winning political agenda, separate from the White House, on jobs and immigration reform that is more focused on gaining political advantage for 2014 and 2016 than it is for any Obama legacy or saving him from the latest self-inflicted wound.

On the CBS News’/”60 Minutes” meltdown over Laura Logan’s botched Benghazi scoop, it is too early to ask if Logan is this decade’s Judy Miller? With this story, we have another instance of a media star reporter conning her superiors into running with a blockbuster built totally on the fabricated account of a self-interested source, validated by Logan’s and the news department’s “other sources” without checking it out with their own official FBI sources before airing it. And they went with this story to help sell the source’s just-released book which, you guessed it, was published by the same company that owns CBS News. The fact that it appears the account was total bullsh*t, and was never vetted with available, more credible sources probably doesn’t surprise many of us.

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