Tuesday :: Jan 21, 2014

Just Don’t Tell Us to be Afraid, Hillary

by paradox

The spectacle of an authoritarian Republican bully being strangled by his own stupidity is an enjoyable experience, yes, but the total implosion of Chris Christie’s potential national capability is met with much more relief than joy in liberal base Democratic minds. Somehow this rank New Jersey political thug had pulled off the trick with the media and NJ Democrats that although he was a classic Republican bully he really wasn’t, truly, he could take on Hillary.

Heh. With that potential scenario now laughable political junkies have turned to the scene of watching Republicans lose their third national election in a row, since 2000 that will mean they’ve lost 4 out 5, since 1992 6 out of 7. What now, my dear Republican cousins? Y’all have no one, again, with nothing to run on, again, so you’ll lose. Again. To Hillary Clinton, heh.

Will they go quietly, or desperately barricade themselves into the deepest south to form some modern quasi-confederacy? They wouldn’t dare choose violence, would they? Patient, educated alert minds will be watching very diligently.

Carefully note the word relief at the ongoing Republican path to oblivion, joy is certainly not the liberal response. Our cousin radical Republicans have gone currently berserk over the implementation of health care, for God’s sake, please look at yourselves.

What are modern Americans supposed to do, die in the streets just because they got sick and can’t get insurance? Oh it’s cool to have your career smashed at 50, just fine to crippled in a war of lies, no problem to be poisoned with corporate water, but hey, if an American got subsidized health insurance for getting hit by a car the end of the country is here!

Vast relief that these Fox News Republican freaks--so lost in an echo chamber of oblivion they think an American kid getting a broken leg fixed is somehow treasonous to our values--will not be nationally elected, yes, but oy, Hillary is a so completely Old School Democratic Business Money Centrist make-a-deal trade-some-horses politician, inherent acceptance of the status quo with nibbling changes at the edges is always the centrist political prescription, the country needs so much more.

What ails and cripples us the most was horribly on display January 15th when the head of the DEA, James Capra, said he was “scared” of long-term cannabis legalization.

What precisely are you afraid of, pencil neck? Cannabis is bad for you, since it’s so we’ll do the very worst that could ever happen to you by throwing you in prison? You no longer get to yap that insanity while being an embarrassment to America and the human race, is that somehow what you fear?

Holy Jesus where fear and these awful authoritarians have taken us, to the god damn Starship Enterprise of political fantasy, it’s actually true. Dear General Alexander, he really built a command console just like in the movies so he could sit there and feel the awesome power of sucking all our data in.

Why? Because the terrorists could get us! Never mind that any threat of anything can be terrorism if we say so, be afraid! The bad guys are after us, forget about being an American, let the fear and authority rule, we’ve got everything on everybody.

How did that freaktoid General Alexander always get his money and his starship? Not fear from terrorism totally, but fear that not getting giving him anything his sick mind thought of would mean he could blame the centrist Democratic leadership if we did get attacked. Fear always comes through, doesn’t it?

It’s bad enough one Party constantly disparages government, the last thing we need is this choking bridle of fear cast upon us. My God, what happened to the legendary cheerful American can-do spirit? Did we come out of nowhere in 230 years by being violent, fearful peeping toms? Is that how we’re supposed to take on our future?

Climate change becomes more urgent to fix every day, inequality and unemployment are already a screaming catastrophe, the country is becoming a wreck from education and infrastructure neglect, but hey 2 wars, 13 aircraft carriers and just an intelligence budget of 50 billion dollars with fear fear fear be afraid of the terrorists is precisely what the country needs. Right?

I can see appalling centrist acceptance of our climate and employment catastrophe, Hillary, you don’t remotely have the liberal moxie to fix those issues. Be President if you must, it’s all yours, just don’t tell us to live in fear, wage 2 wars and spend $50 billion on spying creeps, I beg of you. Living under the evil yoke of fear is destroying this country.

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