Tuesday :: Feb 11, 2014

War on Cannabis Descends Into the Absurd

by paradox

Hope and progress must be grasped whenever present in these mean and troubled times, it’s a decent life strategy, so in the winter of our flaccid midterms one turns to the hopeful and entertaining collapse of the war on cannabis, it’s absurdity and impending doom is a comforting beacon of sanity in our NSA world of war with food stamp cuts.

Absurdity, regression, hypocrisy, dishonesty, repression, these are the hallmarks of cannabis illegality, yes, but the exhausted campaign against the weed can at least be sort of entertaining when hapless public officials are actually held accountable.

Via the excellent Dan Gillmore from Twitter comes the absolute ownership of the Deputy Director of White House National Drug Policy (DDWHDP, or the deedeewhodip, as they say in DC), one Michael Botticelli, as he faces Rep. Earl Blumenauer and tries to serve up the usual rank lies about cannabis.

The poor deedeewhodip, this wasn’t some journalist or underling, but a real cogent public official completely dedicated to the truth (that bicycle lapel pin is awesome, Mr. Blumenauer), and the results were a smashing humiliation to official US cannabis policy. It’s fun to see the truth so brilliantly play out, yes, but the poor deedeewhodip, all that education, training and experience, you turned out to be nothing but a total moron. Bummer!

Matt Ferner from Huffington Post gives us the latest cannabis zombie propaganda from the Drug Free America Foundation, a desperate stab so full of lies and fantasy at least the entertainment value is good, man those folks have completely lost it and they have nothing.

The day is coming soon when all this will come crashing down and mercifully stop, if nothing else human beings are completely averse to being publicly humiliated, and that’s really all the persecution of cannabis has descended into, a completely absurd parade of fools who currently don’t know how to stop humiliating themselves.

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