Friday :: Feb 21, 2014

Issues in Cannabis Legalization

by paradox

As an amateur political writer I have never singularly attached myself to an issue or cause, I could see various flavors of obsession in some sort of long-term issue attachment, and there are always fine souls and bloggers who perform superbly in examining current necessary issues.

I will make an exception with cannabis legalization, however, and will in the future keep writing about its pending legalization and ramifications thereof. There is a necessary kernel of acute personal issue here to always keep sharp attention—I am a serious nausea patient—but I seriously hope the reader understands long-term commitment to covering cannabis legalization is much, much more motivated from a public policy and political perspective.

I keep reading about how all these terrible inequality and economic policies started under Ronald Reagan, but oy let us not forget the disastrous war on drugs started by his sidekick Nancy.

Let’s get something crystal clear from the git-go, and our young people should pay razor attention: when and if the Mexicans cross the border en masse to take on California—and only then—should the United States of America be at war. Anytime any fool declares some ludicrous war on something without precise express will of Congress you’re being lied to or manipulated by a stupid authoritarian.

Blowing stuff up indiscriminately, killing people without due process, imprisoning as much possible, these are the horrendous abuses of supremely arrogant, horrifyingly un-empathetic condescending authoritarians. There are other much more peaceful, successful methods of policy but authoritarians sneer at the equality inherently present in their implementation.

I note this particularly for our young generation because omfg has the current elder generations completely blown it when it comes to the definition and implementation of war. Congress wrote an AUMF law that essentially handed war declaration powers to the Executive, if one thinks we’re at war with Afghanistan and Pakistan that’s incorrect, there is no answer to how many countries we're at war with, ask the Department of Defense and they simply won’t tell you, it’s classified secret.

That, I’m afraid, is an Executive and public policy out of control. Congress declares war, no one else, and along with climate change and inequality somehow our young people will have to fix this too.

Couple this with wars on Terror and Drugs and the disaster compounds itself to horrifying dimensions. Afghanistan is a failure, nothing has been accomplished in 14 years after we finally leave, and Iraq was and is a disaster that will forever stain our country. Our prison population has exploded yet drugs are still everywhere. Untold millions of young lives ruined with clear racist implications, for what?

Failure. That’s what war! will bring you when some stupid authoritarian shouts it as an answer. I truly apologize to our young people for not understanding this and having the country screw it up so badly.

Upcoming cannabis legalization blows apart the current absurd rationalizations for the war on drugs, and at least my generation will repair some of the damage here in real time without further burdening the future.

Also, too, I simply love the defiance and freedom of it all. Hey Dick Cheney and Nancy Reagan, what has all your stupid authoritarianism got us? My my my, that fine indica strain down at the corner shop, ha ha ha.[extends middle finger]

Excuse me. Now then. Of course with the full legal implementation of cannabis in CO and WA it’s extremely important to note what has happened: basically nothing. No pot zombies roaming the streets, no spikes in domestic violence, no increase in traffic fatalities, no deaths in emergency rooms. Cannabis is very benign, the pubic policy issues from legalization will always be small.

The Los Angeles Times reports a horrifying burn rate from manufacturing cannabis wax, worse than crank garage rates. That process needs a licensing evolution, it simply cannot continue that fools desperate for income get so badly burned from a fairly basic chemistry evolution.

Citizens of New York are worried cannabis edibles look too much like candy and are too tempting for children. Turning products into something like candy—long a dream of cigarette makers—should always be avoided.

Many parents are turning to cannabis for epilepsy and other seizure problems for their children without direction from their doctor. Some blessed day cannabis will finally be taken off the Schedule I list and more research on medical benefits can take place. Cannabis for children without a doctor’s direction is a terrible idea.

Legalization proponents in California have decided to wait until 2016 for their legalization law, it stands a much better chance of passage then.

That’s enough for now, I’m past my word limit. I will continue to pay close attention and keep folks abreast. Please be well, gentle people.

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